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"I have been seeing Dr. Lisa for about 28 years and my weekly spinal adjustments have definitely helped me to stay healthy and keep my immune system up to speed as I age. I rarely get a cold!" - Pam R.

Meet Dr. Lisa

I am a hugging loving Momma, that has a passion, a burning desire, to help people in regaining and maintaining their health. Empowering people to increase their life potential, and live their best life ever!

I feel our world needs a reset on what health really is and where it comes from. It is important to learn how to love and support this incredible thing we call health which comes from within. I believe everyone should be living a healthy, fulfilled, and loving life!

Dr. Lisa is a remarkable health and accountability coach. From the moment I met Lisa, she demonstrated unwavering commitment, providing invaluable guidance and support every step of the way.

She took the time to understand my concerns, addressing them with compassion and offering practical solutions.

Lisa’s knowledge, passion, and commitment has propelled me towards achieving my health goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa to anyone seeking a supportive partner on their journey to a healthier life.


During my initial consultation, Dr. Lisa took the time to thoroughly assess my condition and discuss my medical history. Her approach was both comprehensive and personalized, making me feel heard and understood.

The chiropractic adjustments I received from Dr. Lisa were nothing short of miraculous. My tension was relieved on the spot.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lisa to anyone seeking chiropractic care. Her expertise, compassion, and commitment to patient satisfaction makes her a standout chiropractor. Thank you, Christina M.

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